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Species at Risk Photography; The grasslands of southern Saskatchewan are one of the most endangered ecosystems in the world. Only 2% of the original native prairie remains in pristine condition and much of this is now threatened by fragmentation and development. These grasslands are also home to a tremendous variety of species that are considered “Species at Risk”.

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Mormon MetalmarkMormon MetalmarkMormon MetalmarkMormon MetalmarkGreater Sage Grouse Feather 2Greater Sage Grouse 09Greater Sage Grouse 10Greater Sage Grouse behindGreater Sage Grouse Feather 1Greater Sage Grouse 11Yellow Bellied Racer 09Yellow Bellied Racer 10Yellow Bellied Racer 11Yellow Bellied Racer 12Yellow Bellied Racer 13Wood Bison and Trumpeter Swan two species at risk