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Greater Short-horned Lizards. This small, cryptic species lives in some of the harshest landscapes Canada has to offer. The dry badlands of southern Saskatchewan in particular can have soil temperatures that range from +55 C in the summer to -50 in the winter, with rainfall that seldom exceeds 200 mm per year. Yet hidden within this landscape is an extremely well camouflaged jewel of the prairie, the Greater Short-horned Lizard. Knowledge of its requirements for breeding, birthing (young are born live), and over-winter survival habitat needs are lacking. I participate in annual population inventories, radio-telemetry monitoring and habitat surveys.

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Greater Short-horned Lizard 16Greater Short-horned Lizard 14Greater Short-horned Lizard 08CamouflageGreater Short-horned Lizard 09Greater Short-horned Lizard 06Greater Short-horned Lizard 10Greater Short-horned Lizard 11Inventory of the habitatTemperatureCollecting dataWeighing scaleMeasurementsSexingGreater Short-horned Lizard 12Baby Greater Short-horned Lizard 02Baby Greater Short-horned LizardTransmittersInput of identification